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Top 7 places to visit as a tree lover in Westminster

If you're a tree lover living in or visiting Westminster, CO, you're in luck! This city is full of stunning trees that are perfect for admiring. Whether you're looking to go for a peaceful stroll or snap some great photos, check out these top 7 places to see amazing trees in Westminster:

Westminster City Park

1. Westminster City Park - This large community park is home to all kinds of beautiful trees, from towering pines to vibrant fall foliage. It's a great spot for a relaxing walk.

Big Dry Creek Trail

2. Big Dry Creek Trail - This 12-mile trail system has some gorgeous tree-lined sections that are lovely to explore. Keep an eye out for the variety of species.

Standley Lake

3. Standley Lake Regional Park - In addition to the lake, this park features wooded areas with impressive old-growth trees. It's a serene nature escape.

Butterfly Pavilion

4. Butterfly Pavilion - While you're checking out the insects, be sure to admire the lush vegetation and trees at this unique attraction.

Westminster Promenade

5. Westminster Promenade - This shopping/dining district has a nice tree-filled plaza area that's perfect for strolling and enjoying the greenery.

College Hill Library

6. College Hill Library - The grounds of this library branch are dotted with tall, shady trees that create a pleasant, peaceful ambiance.

Wandering View Open Space

7. Wandering View Open Space - Lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails of this open space, where you'll find beautiful groves of mature trees.

Westminster is truly a tree-lover's dream, with so many great spots to appreciate the beauty of nature's giants. Get out there and see how many amazing trees you can find!


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