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How to Protect Your Westminster Trees from Summer Storms

Summer Storms

Summer storms can be brutal on trees, especially in Westminster where we get crazy winds, hail, and heavy rain. As a tree-hugging Westminster resident, you want to keep your leafy friends healthy and standing tall. Here are some tips to help protect your trees from getting battered by summer storms.

First up, make sure your trees are properly pruned before storm season hits. Get rid of any dead or damaged branches, which are a liability in high winds. Thinning out the canopy a bit also allows wind to blow through rather than catching it all and putting tons of stress on the trunk and roots. But don't go crazy - leave enough branches for shade!

Next, make like a Boy Scout and be prepared. Have tarps, stakes, rope and burlap on hand to cover up smaller or newly planted trees if a nasty storm is forecasted. Wrapping the trunk and tying down branches helps minimize damage from hail and whipping winds. Just remember to unwrap everything once the storm passes.

Speaking of new trees, if you planted any in the last couple years, definitely stake them down good. Their root systems aren't deep enough yet to handle crazy Westminster wind gusts. Use sturdy stakes and secure them to the lower half of the trunk, leaving room for movement at the top. You want a little flexibility, not a stiff pole.

Water is also key for storm prep. Make sure to give your trees a nice deep soaking a couple days before any storm. The moist soil helps anchor the roots and prevents drought stress. But don't overwater right before, that just makes them more likely to topple over.

After the storm, do a walk-around and inspect your trees for any cracks, broken branches or other damage. Prune carefully or call an arborist for bigger jobs. With a little preventative care, your trees will be standing strong to provide shade and beauty for years to come!

So get ready now to batten down the hatches and keep your trees protected this stormy season. An ounce of prep is worth a pound of cure when it comes to ensuring your trees thrive. Your green thumbs are no match for a Westminster hail-buster!


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